Monday, May 30, 2022

So, the past few years have brought very different challenges that have prevented me from keeping this blog updated. My husband, Grady Ross, Jr., was diagnosed with Dementia and my time was spent on my job as a Faith Community Health Ministry Nurse and a Pastor of Southside Church of God, all while taking care of him as well as managing all household and personal matters.  You can see that time was limited. 

On March 3, 2022, this man went home to meet the Lord that he had longed to see for so long. During the last 4-6 months of his life, he saw episodes of Heaven so many times. Those times are noted on my Facebook page. Feel free to browse the page. 

Just before he took his final place in the bed at Hospice House, he was sitting in a chair next to me. The last encounter that he and I had while he was able to understand at that moment, was a prayer. He took my arm and looked me straight into the eyes and started moving his mouth and praying for me. I will never forget it. How awesome is it that he would interact with me through a prayer for the last encounter!  Did this man of few words touch my heart? ...Yes, oh yes! It will be a memory etched in my mind forever! Here's to my Grady...

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