Monday, November 26, 2012

Hospital NO! Home YES! Hubby is home!
Tonight, there is such a sense of God being close.....Maybe it is because of the events of the weekend.....Sometimes we really do not know how near death is until we come so close to it.....Makes us THINK about God and THANK God in a different kind of way...Thank God for life, family and friends that care so much and show it....How much more or what more does a person need here on this earth? Too bad that folks cannot be satisfied with the things that they have been given....Be thankful and satisfied today with God's provision even if it may be meager materialistically...because really true gifts are born inside and flow to the outside.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So far everything looks normal regarding his heart . The doctor thinks that it is a reaction to a new medication that he started about 3 weeks ago. That medicine will cause his heart rate to drop and even more so when there are serious pain issues. Last night, his knee popped out of joint and he WAS in excruciating pain for 2 hours while he attempted to get it back in place. SO, they are still running heart tests but I pray that it is ONLY a result of that med. of which they have taken him off. Thank you for your prayers and concerns! ! Prayer makes a difference! Will keep an update..
Hubby passed out last night and is in NE hospital. They think he may have a heart block. I performed CPR on him; he recovered enough to get to the hospital....Please remember him in prayer today! Thank you!