Monday, May 30, 2022

Recently, on May 22, 2022, we had a mission service for my 4th year Anniversary of being pastor at Southside Church of God. After a great church effort, we were so blessed to be able to minister to every missionary in the Church of God. We were SO very honored that our World Missions Director, Dr. David Griffis was able to come and speak to us. WOW! What a message did he bring to us from the Lord that day!  Mike and David Looney of The Looney Brothers also honored us with their amazing and anointed singing.  It could NOT have been a better day within the church walls!  

But, after reviewing this blog today, it ignited a new flame of fire within my soul to begin ministry again "outside of the box" and walls of the church building. May I once again start this blog and add to ministry to reach out to the world far and wide and minister to those that are bound and need to be free in the Name of Jesus Christ. May I reach and win those that the Lord will entrust into my care starting as soon as I get a few more things in place...which will not be long. 

The world vision is so clear and always has been since age 16. The Word of the Lord says that He will give us the heathen for our inheritance. My prayer is, "Lord, guide me and grant that to me as I move forward."  Yes and Amen!

God bless you today is my prayer! 

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