Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Be Mad at God!

Don't be mad at God when things aren't going your way. Analyze it: He said to call upon Him & He would answer. He said to Draw yourself to Him & He would draw Himself to you. In both instances, WE have to do something before He does. Need prayers answered...try getting closer to Him!! It REALLY DOES make a difference when you pray to the Lord! Try it! You just might get your answer....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prayer for the Lord's Power

Lord, use us in these last days to bring hope and deliverance to this world. Lord, show Yourself. Show the mighty; show the supernatural; visit us with divine healing for others....the kind of which we must sacrifice ourselves unto You until Your power is born and manifested in our lives.

Lord, give us the strength to manage intense prayer and the pushing back of our desires until nothing is left but You, my precious Lord.....Lord, help us to be strong in Your Presence today and feed on You. In Jesus' name......

Please feed on the Lord Jesus today for the health of your soul!