Gloria's Projects

In March of 2010, Gloria began work in Botswana Africa.  The Lord placed a desire and burden in heart for the people of this country.  She looks forward to being an integral part of building orphanages and child care centers to assist in the care taking of the increasing number of children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  

Shirley, who originally became known as "Shelley" due to dialect and language barriers, is director of this facility. She displays such a giving heart to these children in need. Shirley was in the process of receiving a newborn girl with HIV/AIDS when Gloria met her. This project was entitled, “Shelley’s Project.” Once the language barriers revealed that "Shelley" was actually Shirley, Gloria decided to tenderly keep the project name the same in honor of the baby girl, who sadly passed away in the hospital at five days old before Shirley was able to receive her. 

Gloria desires to raise money for “Shelly’s Project” to enable this facility to be expanded to have the ability to serve more children.  Monies would also be utilized to furnish the facility with cooking equipment so that adequate food can be prepared in a more efficient manner.  

Shirley gives completely of herself. Whether it is carrying large quantities of food on the long trip from town to the orphanage, or standing at the outdoor kitchen over a makeshift stove, Shirley's entire heart is dedicated to serving God through caring for these beautiful children.

Gloria and Fresh Word Ministries has partnered with Shirley who has land but is in desperate need of expansion.  During a recent visit, Gloria and Fresh Word Ministries were honored to provide a van for the transport of the children of this orphanage and also made it possible for the current facility to have electricity.  

If your church would like to host Gloria and hear more about Shelley's Project, please contact Fresh Word Ministries.