Mission Statement

Gloria's mission in ministry is sincere and seasoned with vision and purpose. It has been anointed by the Lord to help Christians find a greater closeness and deeper walk with their own personal relationship with God. 

The vision and purpose is as follows:

  • To build and strengthen the relationships between Christians and their God by promoting prayer, fasting, Bible reading, family devotionals, church affiliation, through a committed and dedicated lifestyle.  
  • To win lost and dying men and women to Jesus Christ through the Power of the Cross. 
  • To edify men and women through the Holy Spirit, thus enabling them to overcome life’s issues and problems. 
  • To alleviate the grip of bondage in and on the lives of abused, neglected, emotionally and mentally bound children, teenagers, men and women.   
  • To balance the whole individual through bio, psycho, social and spiritual encouragement according to the scripture that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and found favor in the sight of God and man.  To promote strong moral values by virtue.
  •  To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor and deliverance to those who are in darkness.