Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life is getting there! has been a LONG, LONG while but it is really good to be back. Life has taken its twists and turns BUT it turns out that the LORD is STILL on HIS throne. My dad has been very ill this year and has moved in with my husband and me. The whole thing of getting accostumed to an entirely new schedule has been somewhat trying and rewarding at the same time. As soon as I get used to that schedule, my husband turns up with some serious physical issues of which we are trusting the Lord! SO, at the moment, I am at home taking care of my most precious family. It is not a pleasure that they are ill BUT it IS, indeed, a pleasure that I am making some of the most fond memories! It ALWAYS remains a pleasure that we KNOW that our Lord is the Healer and the He can heal broken bodies at any time so our FULL and UNREVOKED TRUST is in our Lord! Amen!

I am developing a new page on Facebook. I will be sharing that with you soon. In the meantime, just be blessed, blessed and more blessed in the POWERFUL Name of Jesus!

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