Monday, August 15, 2022

Don't Let Someone's Lust Take Advantage of Your Love

Girls: Please don't let someone's lust take advantage of your love. Don't get fooled by your own innocence and his flattery and fall into a trap.....the scars may never heal. Matter of fact, he will lose respect for you, make it seem your fault, make false assumptions about you and your intentions and call you a "Jezabel" even when your heart is pure. Then he will be on his merry way shining like the stars. Girls.....just focus on doing the Lord's will and then God will open the right doors in due time. Then, you will shine like the Sun because you will be a reflection of the SON. But, don't glory in the open doors or yourself.....ONLY glory in the Lord! Seek God first! Stay humble before God and He will use you mightily!

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