Saturday, June 25, 2016

May I bragg on the Volunteers at Southside COG a moment?

Please note that most of these lives have been told about Jesus Christ. Several have been saved, joined the church, and are now working for the Lord in this ministry. Some are transient and have moved on....but they still recieved the message on the Jesus Christ. The seed was planted; many are of Hispanic or of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds with their own churches but still are impoverished and need our help. Th...e main thing is that the volunteers are servants of the Kingdom of God. 

 2013: Touched 6,959 lives with 1,702 volunteer hours.
2014: Touched over 22,000 with over 3,700 volunteer hours.
2015: Touched 23,600 with 4,148 volunteer hours!!!!

Our Volunteers are remarkable to say the least! To God be the glory for all that He has done and enabled them to do! ! Our Volunteers are remarkable to say the least!!!!! I am so proud of them!

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