Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remain Steadfast

If someone gave you a piece of paper and said, “Write down your greatest needs,” what would you write? Would you write a few short sentences, or would you fill the entire page with a huge list of items?

As unique as each person’s needs may be, if you truly look inside your heart, chances are you’ll discover your deepest needs are love, significance, and acceptance. These needs are not easily met. Even your own family can fail in giving you the encouraging positive feedback that you need. So where do you go to fill your emotional void?

Praise God we have a loving heavenly Father who is more than enough to meet our deepest needs. Be encouraged! God’s acceptance, approval, and love are all you need. Even though others may never understand the many benefits and blessings of a Christian walk, you know the truth! Remain steadfast in your walk, so when He returns, you’ll be standing on the right side of the door that leads to eternal life!

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